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Sales Cloud Jump Start

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Sales Cloud Jump Start

Our Jump Start is ideal for companies looking to get started with Salesforce quickly with minimal customization.    


This project will be 4 weeks in duration.


This Jumpstart is designed to get your team up and running quickly. Save valuable time and effort by working directly with one of our Certified Salesforce consultants and get set up the right way.

Why Work With Us?

  1. We Keep it Simple: We understand Salesforce implementations can seem overwhelming. That’s why our focus is to provide you with the foundation to set you up for success and not try to boil the ocean.
  2. Expert Guidance : Our experienced team works with you to transform your requirements into a solution. We focus heavily on training and user adoption so your team can start using Salesforce right away.
  3. Best Practices for Long-Term Success: We’ve done this enough to know what works, and what doesn’t work. Working with us allows you to gain industry knowledge and best practices to ensure you’re set up for the long haul.

How It Works

Transparency is a core value at Majente. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be covering:


Week 1:

  • Instructor led, Salesforce User Training (2 hours)
  • Project Kick Off meeting with Majente’s Account Manager (30 minutes)


Week 2

  • Workshop #1 with Majente’s Salesforce Consultant (2 hours)
  • You can begin using Salesforce to manage Leads, Accounts & Contacts


Week 3

  • Workshop #2 with Majente’s Salesforce Consultant (2 hours)
  • You can begin using Salesforce to manage Opportunities


Week 4

  • Final Workshop #3 with Majente’s Salesforce Consultant (2 hours)
  • Instructor led, Report Building Training (2 hours)
  • Project Wrap Up with Majente’s Account Manager (30 minutes)

Key Stakeholders

Customer Project Team

  • 1-3 members (includes one primary project stakeholder)


Majente Project Team

  • Project Manager
  • Certified Salesforce Consultant

Customer Requirements

  • Weekly meetings with Majente Project Team
  • 8 hours/week commitment from each customer project team member
  • Temporary login access
  • Provide business process review and configuration requirements

What's In Scope?

  • 2 instructor led Salesforce training sessions
  • 3 workshops with a Majente Salesforce consultant
  • Project kick off and wrap up meetings with your Majente Account Manager
  • Salesforce Configurations:
    • Create a branded, Salesforce Application for your business
    • Create users, profiles and security settings for your staff
    • Configure Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities according to your business requirements.
    • Import Accounts and Contacts
    • Design 1 business workflow automation or 1 custom object to enhance your Salesforce Application
    • Reports & Dashboards that include Sales Pipeline, Sales Activity Tracking and User Productivity.

What's Out of Scope?

  • Complex logic, multi step, multi touch business process automation
  • Integrations
  • Pricebooks and Quotes
  • Custom Code (e.g : Apex Triggers, Apex Code)